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You just can’t beat the taste of fresh fruit and delicious mooncake treats!

This gift basket will surelly be a welcome present for upcomming Moon Festival.

Your gift basket include:

*Basket of 04kg fresh fruits include apple, organge , pears...

*02 tea boxes (lipton tea)

*A mooncake gift box include 04 moon cakes:

   - A baked Mooncake weight 210g : Jambon and 8 Dishes flavors (jambon bat buu)

   - A baked Mooncake weight 210g : Shark fin and Jambon (vi cá jambon)

   - A sticky rice cake weight 250g: Green bean

   - A sticky rice cake weight 250g: lotus seed

(Please contact us if you want a custom mooncake selection)




Mooncakes and Fresh fruits